Sexsmith COP Citizens On Patrol Society

Isak Skjaveland
Box 420
Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0
Phone: 780-568-3868

In 1998, Mr. Isak Skjaveland, President of Sexsmith COP Citizens on Patrol Society started the program in conjunction with the Grande Prairie, Alberta organization.  The purpose of C.O.P.S. is for dedicated community volunteers to be of assistance to the police by deterring crime or observing and reporting any possible activity within the area in which they reside.  It operates under the direction of the RCMP to be an extra set of “eyes and ears” to assist and allow police to direct their focus to other areas of potential crime.

After about 4 years, interest in this group fell by the wayside but in 2006, Mr. Skjaveland again worked hard and got renewed interest in the program.  In March of 2006, Sexsmith Citizens on Patrol formed their own society and have been an integral part of this community since.  Mr. Skjaveland, as the driving force and President has actively recruited members,with a current compliment of 33. 

Sexsmith COP is always trying to recruit new members and promote the C.O.P. program within the community.  They have the full support of the RCMP and of the Town Council as 6 of the 7 Council members are also members of the Citizens On Patrol Group.

In 2015, the Town of Sexsmith and Sexsmith Citizens On Patrol received the Minister's Award for Municipal Excellence for this program in the Safe Communties catergory.  This award recognizes leading practices focused on making communities safer through prevention & enforcement in communities under 500,000.