Who are Citizens On Patrol? They are citizens in the community who volunteer for the RCMP and act as an extra set of eyes in watching what is happening in their neighbourhoods. As well, Citizens On Patrol listen to what is going on. If something appears to be criminal in nature, or is unusual, the volunteer will notify the local law enforcement and report what they are watching.

People in the community know who belongs there and can recognize when something is taking place that is questionable. The local police cannot be everywhere. The role of the volunteer is to be those “extra eyes and ears” that assist in helping to keep the community safer.

Citizens On Patrol are required to have a criminal record check. Citizens On Patrol are trained in what they can do, what they cannot do and what should be reported. Volunteers use their own vehicles while patrolling in pairs, never alone. Volunteers are covered by Liability Insurance through the local C.O.P. group.

To find out if your community has a Citizens On Patrol program, on the home page, go to C.O.P.’s and click on C.O.P. groups. If your community does not have a C.O.P. program, and you would like to know how you could get a group started, go to C.O.P.’s and click on Start a C.O.P.