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The main goal of C.O.P. is to act as the extended eyes and ears of the local law enforcement agencies.  This goal is achieved by observation, documentation and reporting of any suspicious activity as observed through patrolling by vehicle, on foot, by bicycle or other means as approved. C.O.P. members are educated about crime prevention and community safety and have an increased awareness of suspicious and dangerous activities.  C.O.P. groups ensure that their members are trained in using safe practices at all times.

If your community does not have a Citizens On Patrol program and you are concerned about the safety of your community and wish to find out more about what the Citizens On Patrol program is all about, please contact a Board member of the Alberta Citizens On Patrol Association for information on the procedure to follow.

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Steps to Start a C.O.P. Group
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Application Form
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Join a C.O.P. Group

If you are interested in joining a C.O.P. group that is already in operation in your community, you can contact the group and let them know that you are interested. Before becoming a volunteer with C.O.P., a person is required to be 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license and to fill out an application form. The application form can be downloaded from this website. The application form goes to the local law enforcement agency where a security check takes place. Once approved, contact will be made and the local group will welcome you as a new volunteer.